General sales conditions  


Rodolphe Delgado presents his online catalog,

exposing Sculptures and Masks.

Given the nature of the works proposed, the online store system would not be appropriate;

we request you contact us by mail or telephone if you would like more information

concerning quality, price, packing and settlement modalities.

The packaging will be specific for each piece ensuring it's integrity

and will be padded in Air of Biarritz and shipped as agreed.

Keep the packing for storage or further shipment.

our contact information for questions and orders:



att. Rodolphe Delgado

                                                                                               Address :

                                                                                                                   23, Rue de Mazagran

                                                                                                                   64200  Biarritz


                                                                                               Tel :             +33 559 22 08 95

                                                                                               Mob :          +33 614 897 383



Catalog presentation:

the sculptures are represented in three views, masks in front view

mouse hover-over shows:

article code _ name of the piece

the images are clickable for detail zoom

Enjoy your visit: