Rodolphe Delgado has been creating venetian masks for the last fifteen years.

Each piece, fruit of his soaring imagination, is unique.

His works are sometimes composed of precious elements and materials.

The result is surprising and fantasmatic.

Rodolphe also customizes his art,

creating  personalized masks or ornaments,

which are sold worldwide

to the delight of demanding and refined customers.

Serenissimo !


Rodolphe is dedicated to his art in Biarritz, after a rather eclectic lifecourse:

hairdresser  for twenty-two years, he one day decided to put down combs and scissors, to open a tea parlour.

Tired of this activity after five years, he opened an antique shop close to Saint Eugenia.

In this haven of calm and beauty, he braved the low seasons making his first masks,

as in former days he created refined hairstyles, intricate buns

or cascades of curls to the delight of his lady customers.

Rodolphe was not born into Fine Arts, his works are

the sole fruit of his personal artistry and imagination,

his refined taste for beautiful materials, shapes and noble spirits.

The hundreds of masks, each unique, can be worn or used as decorations,

The sculptures, designed in a new burst of creativity, transcend the human face.

Question Rodolphe:

he'll willingly lead you along the path of his inspiration,

disclosing many secrets, unveiling the intricate details of his work